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It was coming – I felt it. One of those colds that knocks you out for 3 days and then lingers for a week more. I called Leo and he saw me that very day. Leo listened with compassion to my symptoms – "I have a sinus headache that could take down a full-grown elephant" – before beginning our work together. I won't bore you with the details, but I'll summarize what happened next: (1) my headache went away, (2) in the coming days, the length and intensity of my cold shrank, and (3) I found a healer and friend who I trust. Leo, I am so grateful and I'll see you soon!

Michelle Reyf



Leo is gentle, kind and a respectful person. It was my first time going to see an acupuncturist and I am so grateful to have found him! He helped me quit my smoking habit through acupuncture. He laid out a detailed plan for me to follow and helpful advices whenever I had the urges. He was always thorough during the session and always made sure I felt comfortable. I always felt calmer and relaxed at the end of my sessions. I highly recommend him!

Betty San

When you meet with Leo to discuss your possible treatment, see if you do not feel your questions, your issues, your aches and pains aren’t his singular concern. In conversation with Leo, you have access to an immense trove of spiritual and physical understanding which wants merely to see you well, happy, and whole. In execution of his trade, Leo is careful, clean, and caring. You will do your whole self a great kindness, as I have done mine, by letting Leo listen and respond to whatever situation you feel he can help with.

Matthew Lyon



I went to see Leo when my energy felt stuck. I had been traveling a lot by air and car, sitting in cramped positions. After my sessions with Leo, I felt more relaxed and gently energized. I could feel my energy flowing unimpeded. I have had several sessions with Leo, and each time his treatments helped my body relax and recover.  While others around me were getting sick with colds and flu, I stayed healthy. His work is  highly professional, respectful of the individual, gentle and effective.

Anandi Gray



Calm and collected, Leo helped me get over my fear of needles to help heal my foot pain. I would go back in a heartbeat.


Clay P.

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